SUU’s Red/White Scrimmage Set For Saturday

April 23, 2014
By SUU Strategic Communication

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Courtesy: SUU Strategic Communications

SUU’s Red/White Scrimmage Set For Saturday

CEDAR CITY, Utah, April 23 – Southern Utah’s annual spring football game, the Red/White Scrimmage, is set for Saturday afternoon in Eccles Coliseum. The scrimmage is scheduled to begin at 3:30 p.m.

The format for this year’s game has changed somewhat, as instead of captains or coaches picking teams it will be an offense-versus-defense scrimmage. There will be guest coaches, however, as has been the case ever since Ed Lamb took the reins of the program in the spring of 2008.

Eric Leavitt, chairman of the SUU Board of Trustees, will select a group of individuals to help him on the coaching staff. That group will be divided up to coach the opposing sides –with the assistance of the Thunderbird staff – on Saturday.

With the offense-vs.-defense format the game will use a customized scoring system, which will award the offense in the standard manner for touchdowns, PATs and field goals, while the defense will earn points for stopping the offense on a variety of levels. For a 3-and-out stop the defense will be awarded seven points no matter where on the field the drive ended, but for all other defensive stops points will be awarded between one and five points, depending on where the drive ended.

The scale will award the defense five points for a drive that ends outside the defense’s 40 yard line, four points for stops between the 30 and 39 yard lines, three points between the 20 and 29, two points between the 10 and 19 and one point for drives that end inside the 10.

The offense will begin all drives on its own 30-yard line. Some other specifics include:
   1-The offense will be granted 80 plays but will be penalized five plays for each turnover.               
   2-Defensive stops between the offense’s 40 and midfield will not result in any points for either        team.
   3-Punts will be executed but will not effect the subsequent starting field position.

Coach Lamb said he is looking forward to wrapping up the spring with Saturday’s scrimmage

“I’m very much looking forward to the scrimmage and ending what has been an extensive and energetic effort during the spring,” Lamb said. “I’m looking forward to ending the spring in a manner that is consistent with the effort the team has brought during the off-season.”

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