2013 Red/White Scrimmage To Have New Look

April 24, 2013
By SUU Strategic Communication

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Courtesy: SUU Strategic Communications

CEDAR CITY, Utah, April 23 – There will be a different look Saturday afternoon when Southern Utah University’s football team holds its annual Red/White Scrimmage at 4:00 p.m. in Eccles Coliseum: Ladies in the coaching boxes.

As part of the Valley View Medical Center’s fundraising efforts this year one of the honorary head coaching spots was auctioned off and Anita Bunker came away with the prize. Bunker and a staff of her friends will coach the Red Team, and while the White Team will be have SUU coaches on the sidelines, it won’t be the football coaches. Instead White will be led by the head coaches from the SUU women’s basketball, volleyball and soccer teams: J.R. Payne, Debby Baker and Becky Hogan.

“We think it should be fun,” Thunderbird football coach Ed Lamb said.

Lamb pointed out that the SUU football staff will be available to help, but that the coaching decisions will be up to the honorary coaches. 

“During the game our [football] coaches will be coaching personnel and technique, making substitutions, and we’ll have call sheets for the honorary coaching staffs,” he explained. “The honorary coaching staffs will be on the headsets and they’ll choose whether we’re going to run or pass or screen, or draw, or run play-action, if the defense will blitz, use run defense, pass defense, they’ll make those decisions. [The SUU football coaches] will give them some counsel as requested but we’re going to let them call the plays, the play type.”

The selection of the teams will also be a little different this year. In the past the coaches have split the teams, but this year two players, tight end Anthony Norris and defensive tackle Trever McFalls, will serve as captains of the two teams and will pick their squads in a draft Thursday prior to the final practice of the spring.

“A couple of guys who have been given the ‘most improved award’ during the spring – from where they were in the fall to the way they’re playing now – Anthony Norris and Trever McFalls, will serve as the two captains, they’re going to draft the teams,” Lamb noted.

“We’ll [draft] by position,” Lamb said. The captains “will draft the first half of the position group, and then the coaches will – with eye toward depth and personnel packages – split up the second half of the position group.”

In addition to bragging rights, there will also be a tangible reward on the line for the teams: dinner.

“We’ve got a donor who has donated the post game meal,” Lamb said. “For the victors, including the staff, it will be brisket, with a first-class meal, and for the losers its going to be beans and franks.”

Season Tickets Available: Admission to the Red/White Scrimmage is free, but the main Eccles Coliseum ticket office, located on the northwest end of the stadium, will be open during and after the game for those who would like to reserve 2013 season tickets or get more information on ticketing.