Varsity Club Hall of Fame Nomination Form

February 14, 2013
By SUU Strategic Communication

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Varsity Club Hall of Fame
Criteria for Selection

Eligibility statement: Candidate must have participated in intercollegiate athletics at SUU for at least two sports seasons and demonstrated outstanding ability through any combination of individual statistical rankings, team success, memorable individual performances, or “moments,” and participation in multiple sports. Candidate must have completed his/her career at SUU while in good academic and citizenship standing. Commendable achievement or service in professional, civic, or other activities after leaving SUU may strengthen the eligibility of a candidate.

Nominations and selections to include the following categories:

•    Athletes
•    Coaches
•    Athletic Staff
•    Non-Athlete Contributor
•    Athlete/Contributor

Male athletes must have completed their intercollegiate eligibility at least fifteen years prior to the selection, with at least two years of competition at Southern Utah University. Female athletes must have completed their eligibility at least ten years prior to her selection. Desirable qualifications include All America/All Conference recognition, notable public achievement, professional athletic achievement, amateur athletic achievement, and/or continuing contribution to the University.

Those who coached at least five years with no previous university connection to SUU, coaches who graduated from Southern Utah University, or those who completed the last two years of eligibility at Southern Utah University are eligible. Desirable qualifications include won/loss record, national championships, contribution to sports and achievement in public life.

Athletic Staff:
Southern Utah University graduates or those who have worked at the University for at least fifteen years are eligible. Desirable qualifications include contributions to the field of intercollegiate athletics, interscholastic or professional sports, and achievement in public life.

Non-Athlete Contributor:
Those individuals who have given their time, talent, and treasure to the Southern Utah University athletic programs, including but not restricted to athletics-related personnel, administrators, equipment managers, broadcasters, program boosters, etc.

Nominees must have participated in varsity athletics at the University. Selection based on post-college achievement of the highest order in the broad areas of public life, industry, letters, arts, community involvement or charitable activities.

General Considerations:
•    Performance standards:
•    Longevity of career
•    Records
•    Team successes
•    Individual “moments”
•    Multiple sports participation
•    Honors Received
•    Activity and successes after leaving SUU
•    Additional factors (overcoming obstacles, extracurricular activity, etc.)

Restrictions for selections:
1.    Each year a minimum of three and a maximum of five will be selected into the Hall of Fame
2.    No present employee of the Athletic Department is eligible for the Hall of Fame unless they are being inducted as an athlete, not as a coach or staff member.
3.    Special consideration should be given each year to the alternates from the previous year.
4.    Nominees who are still alive but are unable to attend their induction that particular year should be reconsidered the following year rather than inducted in abstentia.
5.    Has done nothing to take away from the integrity of self, team, and/or Southern Utah University.

*Criteria will be evaluated each year*

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