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Thunderbirds Fall to Portland State

April 02, 2017
By SUU Strategic Communication

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HURRICANE, Utah -- The Southern Utah University women’s tennis team fell 5-2 to the Portland State Vikings in a conference matchup in Hurricane, Utah.

The Vikings secured the first point of the match over the Thunderbirds with two wins in the doubles competition.

The Thunderbirds’ team of junior Laura Martin Lozano and senior Evgenia Marushko won a close match in the No. 2 position in the doubles competition over Vikings’ Georgia Dobell and Taylor Rees 7-6 (4).

“Doubles came down to No. 2 and No.3 for the point,” SUU head coach Rose Ketmayura said. “We won No. 2 in a tiebreaker, but couldn’t pull out the tiebreaker for No. 3.”

In the singles competition, sophomore Charity Sagiao won SUU’s first point of the day in the No. 3 position over Dobell 6-1, 6-3. Marushko came back from a 0-6 loss in the first set in the No. 1 position to win the match 0-6, 7-6 (2), 10-6 over Vikings’ Siena Peri to claim the Thunderbirds’ second point.

“We’re still working hard, and working on trying to close out games, sets, and matches for wins,” Ketmayura said.

Up Next

The Thunderbirds will play next in Denver, Colorado, against MSU Denver on April 14. The match will begin at 2 p.m.

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Singles Competition

1. MARUSHKO, Evgenia (SUU) def. PERI, Siena (PSU) 0-6, 7-6, 10-6

2. DONG, Tracy (PSU) def. LOWRANCE, Mikala (SUU) 5-7, 6-4, 10-4

3. SAGIAO, Charity (SUU) def. DOBELL, Georgia (PSU) 6-1, 6-3

4. PARTINGTON, Sally (PSU) def. ENRIQUE SCHMIDT,Tere (SUU) 7-5, 6-2

5. PREDA, Sabina-Elena (PSU) def. STOCKING, Cloe (SUU) 6-0, 6-1

6. REES, Taylor (PSU) def. MARTIN LOZANO, Laura (SUU) 6-4, 7-6

Doubles Competition

1. PERI, Siena/DONG, Tracy (PSU) def. LOWRANCE, Mikala/ENRIQUE SCHMIDT,Tere (SUU) 6-2

2. MARUSHKO, Evgenia/MARTIN LOZANO, Laura (SUU) def. DOBELL, Georgia/REES, Taylor (PSU) 7-6

3. PARTINGTON, Sally/PREDA, Sabina-Elena (PSU) def. SAGIAO, Charity/STOCKING, Cloe (SUU) 7-6

Match Notes:

Portland State 2-10, 2-7 BSC

Southern Utah 2-16, 1-6 BSC

Order of finish: Doubles (1,3,2); Singles (5,3,4,6,1,2)